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Lake Union Camporee Updates

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

A quick update on several items for the Lake Union Camporee.
1. Camp Pitch.  The camporee begins Thursday, September 18, 2011.
a. Registration begins at 2:00pm with evening meeting beginning at 8:00pm.
2. Activities.   Each conference will be coordinating various activities slated for Friday morning and afternoon.  A list of these activities and the corresponding details will be given once everything is finalized.  (All activities will be something you do not have to necessarily prepare for.  All equipment and supplies will be provided at each activity!)
3. Community Service.  There will be community service activities available for Friday and Sabbath.  These will be announced soon.  This will be limited to a certain number of Pathfinders.  Stay tuned for more details.
4. No open fires.  We are not allowed to have any open fires at the Camporee.
5. Showers.  There is a limited supply of showers on the grounds.
6. Schedule. (Big picture overview of Camporee Schedule – Times are pretty static, some of the details may change)
2:00  Registration and camp setup
6:00 Supper
8:00 Evening Program
9:15 Directors Meeting
7:30 Flag Raising and Morning Watch
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Community Service projects begin
10:00 Field Events and Community Service
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Community Service begins
1:30  Down time
2:15 Field Events
2:15 Other activities to be announced
5:45 Supper
7:00 Sabbath preparation
7:30 Evening program
9:15 Directors and TLT meeting
7:30 Flag Raising and Morning Watch
8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Club inspections by Conference Directors and Area Coordinators
10:45 Worship Service
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Club Rest or visitation time
3:00 Sabbath school
5:45 Flag lowering
6:00 Supper
7:45 Evening Program
After Sundown – Fancy March and Drill demonstrations – Ben Roy
9:30 Directors meeting
7:30 Flag Raising and Morning Watch
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Parade Line up by conferences
9:30 Camporee Parade and Activities
11:00 Camporee Awards
12:00 Lunch and clean up
1:30 Leave for home
7. Baptism. If you have any Pathfinders that would like to be baptized at the
camporee we can make this happen if we have any candidates!
8.   Registration Continues. You may register online at

Lake Union Camporee Overview

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The Lake Union Camporee will be held in Berrien Springs, Michigan on September 15-18, 2011. We have some initial details on the camporee. The Lake Union Camporee is located at To register for the camporee go to the website and click on the registration section.

Theme: Finish Strong
To encourage, inspire and train the young people in the Lake Union to stand strong for Christ in finishing the work God has called us to do.

Camporee Fee
The camporee fees are:

  • $25.00/person fee is charged to help in the expenses of the camporee.
  • $10.00/person fee for non-Pathfinder children of staff parents.

Check In Procedures
Club Directors should do the following

      Pick up Camporee packet at entrance gate.
      Register total count of Pathfinders, staff and staff children
      Register all Medical personnel available (EMT, nurses, doctors, etc)
      At Check-in, you will receive programs for each person registered online and maps of campground and camporee area
      Take your club to the designated area and pitch camp according to your Conference Directors instructions.

Camp Entrances
As with all of our camporees, we encourage each club to prepare their campsite depicting the camporee theme. Try a unique entrance. Make it look nice. Entrances will be judged and awards given to those entrances with unique and quality designs.

Talent Participation
If you have Pathfinders or staff who are talented singers, soloists, or who play a guitar or other instrument, please indicate at the time of registration, so such talent can be used at opportune times.

Parade Information
We are requesting that each club provide the needed information about their club on the website registration. This will be used during the Sunday parade when you march by the reviewing stand. There will be a number of guests present who will be interested in you.

Camporee Field Events
The field events are being planned that will be fun and challenging. Participation is most important. All clubs (either by clubs or units with their counselors) are to participate in at least 6 of the events. You may enter any of the events at any time. The complete list of Camporee Field Events will be available on the website when all of the details from each conference’s events are completed.

Club Trophy
A club trophy will be awarded each club who meets the following:
1. Attends the LUC Camporee.
2. Displays the proper flags a) American, b) Pathfinder, c) Unit Guidons.
3. Complete club participates in at least 6 of the field events.
4. Takes part in the parade on Sunday.

Special Camporee Patch
Lake Union Conference Camporee patch will be awarded to each one who actively participates in the total camporee program

March and Drill Participation
A Drilling and Marching ribbon will be awarded to each club participating in the Drill Performance, and special recognition will be given as to the number of points received in this event.

Flag Raising and Morning Watch
Each conference will be assigned times to be in charge of the flag raising and morning watch at the flag area. The schedule is part of this document. Each conference will also be in charge of assigning a club to flag raising and flag lowering each day.

Camporee Rules
1. Clubs are responsible for all Pathfinders at all times. All Units are to have a designated counseler with their unit.
2. Camping is permitted in designated areas only.
3. No Open Fires are permitted. Do not dig up grass. Cooking must be done on commercial stoves.
4. Pets are not permitted at the camporee.
5. Pathfinders are not permitted to play with knives, axes or hatchets at the camporee. Unless it is part of one of the planned camporee activities.
6. All clubs will be expected to participate in all camporee activities. If no Pathfinders are entering events, clubs must still be in the area with all Pathfinders.
7. Quiet Time – Please respect other clubs and guard carefully the Quiet Time.
8. Programs – Club Directors are requested to have your club sit together with their counselors at the programs. There will be no Conference assigned areas.
9. Garbage and Trash – Campsites are to be kept clean and all garbage and trash is to be put into the proper receptacles.

Camporee Speakers
Thursday Night – Elder James Black
Friday Night – Pastor Michael Goetz
Sabbath Morning – Pastor Goetz
Sabbath Vespers – Pastor Goetz
Sunday Morning – Pastor Goetz

Daily Features:
Ben Roy – Science Fun
Dr. Gordon Atkins – Nature Nugget
Dr. Arnold and Dixie Plata- Museum
Elder Terry Dodge – Museum
Chuck Collatz – Model Sanctuary

2012 Union Camporee to be Held at Camp Mohaven

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The 2012 Columbia Union Camporee will be held in the Ohio Conference at Camp Mohaven in Danville, Ohio. Camp Mohaven will welcome Pathfinders from all across the Columbia Union for the 2012 Camporee. The Ohio Conference Pathfinders and Camp Mohaven made a formal proposal highlighting the camp and surrounding areas to Columbia Union leaders. They highlighted the camp’s many offerings, including swimming, canoeing/kayaking, drama, crafts, horseback riding and a ropes course. Local attractions include close proximity to Amish country, lakes, amusement parks and metropolitan areas. As a result Camp Mohaven will be welcoming thousands of Pathfinders from through the Columbia Union in 2012.

2010 Pathfinder Camporee Information

Friday, October 1st, 2010


The theme for the 2010 Camporee is Keep the Morning Watch.  The theme Keep the Morning Watch continues the understanding of the parts of the Pathfinder Law, which has the sole purpose of helping our Pathfinders grow closer to their fellow men and women and to their Creator.  Abiding by I will ‘Keep the Morning Watch’ with the meaning ‘I will have prayer and personal bible study each day’ has a day-to-day affect on the lives of our Pathfinders.

We will also be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, 60th Anniversary of the worldwide Pathfinder organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout the weekend.


The Camporee will begin on the evening of Friday, October 1, with registration starting at 4:00 PM and will conclude on Sunday, October 3 at 1:00 PM.


The camping area/airfield and camp buildings of Camp Mohaven, Danville, Ohio.  A map with directions to Camp Mohaven and a layout of Camp Mohaven are provided in this packet.


Camping will be on the ballfield/airfield area at Camp Mohaven.  Each club will be provided a camping area along a Central Mall Area.  Clubs will be camping together by regions.  Restroom facilities and water will be available at the camping area.  Some electrical outlets will also be available.


$7.50 per Pathfinder and staff member for the Camporee.  Fee includes admission and a Camporee patch & pin.  Visitors are free unless they would like to purchase a patch & pin.  Extra patches & pins can be purchased at registration depending on availability.


All vehicle and drivers’ insurance are to be current and in harmony with conference policy.  Additional information is available through the conference office.

Ohio 2010 Camporee Information Sheet (Continued)


For anyone under 18 years of age, every club must have medical treatment consent forms signed by parents or legal guardians.  These medical releases must be current and in the possession of the club director.


The pre-registration form needs to be filled out and mailed to the Ohio Conference by September 24.


Pastor Clive Wilson.  Pastor Wilson is the Campus Chaplain of the Kettering College of Medical Arts.  We would like to welcome Pastor Wilson to our Camporee.


Club directors need to proceed directly to registration upon their arrival at Camp Mohaven.  They will receive their additional information packets and their camping area assignments.  Clubs will camp on the camping/airfield area of Camp Mohaven by regions.  They will also need to sign up for their cleanup assignments.


Departure will take place after the closing ceremony Sunday.  Each club should make sure the area where they camped is clean of all litter and trash.  All trash must be deposited in the proper trash containers.  All areas used for fire pits must be cleaned up and the sod replaced.  Each club will be asked at registration to assist in cleanup of part of the grounds, which will need to occur Sunday following the closing ceremony and prior to departure.


The weekend will begin Friday with a vespers and bonfire.  Pathfinders will attend Sabbath School and a worship service Saturday morning.  During the afternoon, Pathfinders can participate in one of three activities including an orienteering/gps course, a nature hunt, and an outreach program.  The day will conclude with vespers, a drilling & marching demonstration, and a night of fun games and a hayride.  The drilling & marching demonstration is optional.  There will be Teen Time Friday and Saturday nights for Teen Pathfinders ages 13-16 only.  Events Sunday, including an Indian Drag Race, Fire Building, and Capture the Flag, are open for all Pathfinders to participate in as long as each club bring enough supplies for their Pathfinders.  These events are designed to let Pathfinders develop their lashing and fire building skills in preparation for the 2011 Ohio Pathfinder Fair.  Clubs may practice these events before the Camporee.